Global Business Training

Export Readiness
 Do you often get inquiries from foreign customers but  you’re not sure how to move forward? We can help you  create procedures to effectively screen inquiries so you can  confidently deliver product overseas and get paid!

The Export Process
 There are various documents and procedures involved in  exporting that do not apply in domestic business. We can  train your team on the essential documents and take you  through the entire process including, common sales  practices, costs, and risks associated with the  transportation and delivery of goods.

Market Entry Strategies
 Are you considering doing business overseas but are  concerned about the cost and commitment of attending a  foreign trade show? We specialize in helping clients select  markets and create entry strategies based on empirical  evidence. We will also help you develop your digital media  strategy so that you are connecting with your target  customers and generating new inquiries.

Export Controls
 With our knowledge EAR, ITAR and other U.S.  Government Controls, our trainers can review your existing  export management and control program to ensure you  comply with important regulations.


Export Documentation

Letters of Credit

International Logistics

Tariff Classification




EAR and ITAR compliance

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