E3… Energy – Efficiency – Environment

David Carrick | 412.327.9119 | david.carrick@mail.wvu.edu

Industrial extension can help you become more efficient, while saving money, and helping the environment through our E3 assessment.

Industrial extension, the West Virginia MEP, and the West Virginia Division of Energy have partnered to bring a multifunctional assessment to you free of charge. The E3 approach ensures that all aspects of your business that have an impact on cost and environment are optimized.

The energy assessment will provide a comprehensive review of all systems that consume energy including electricity, compressed air, HVAC, lighting, motors, and other equipment. The assessment will also review your billing rates and structure to make sure you are being billed properly.

The efficiency assessment will provide a comprehensive review of your processes, as compared to other world class manufacturing organizations. The assessment combines interview questions and plant floor observations aimed at providing valuable input for process improvements.

The environmental assessment will provide a review of all programs in place, to help ensure you are on the right track to a sustainable future and that you have a minimal impact on your surroundings.

Identify opportunities for reduced consumption

Identify opportunities for process improvement

Analysis of programs and efforts