What is your biggest headache?

Not Enough Sales
Are you struggling to meet your bottom line? Would you like to increase your bottom line and your market share? We can help review your market plan to ensure you are approaching the right market segments. We can help you determine if there is a foreign market available for your products and services. We can even help you to identify, develop, and design new products, leveraging your existing skill set.

Wasted Time and Missed Goals
Time is of the essence. If you are having a hard time meeting customer goals, or feel that production costs are too high, we can help. We understand that every moment is important and that wasted time can not only create significant problems, but can impact your bottom line. We will review your process to look for opportunities to eliminate waste and mistakes so that you can focus on productivity.

Energy Bills are too High 
Without energy, your production would be shut down. But are you paying too much for your energy? Can you change your process to reduce consumption? Can equipment changes decrease energy use? We can review your energy consumption to help identify potential improvement opportunities to take money out of your utilities and turn it into profit for you.

Need Focus and Organization
Small and medium-sized manufacturers often find themselves chasing their tail or feeling more like a firefighter than a manufacturer. Small staffs require people to wear multiple hats, hats that are often a full time job. How do you juggle responsibility without letting production suffer? We can work with you to identify the source of your problems and eliminate the problems so you can focus on production and your customer.

Unprepared or Under-performing
Are you constantly missing goals? Have you ruled out machinery as a reason for this? Do you constantly have material waiting, but find yourself behind on orders? Too often machines are blamed for problems when the real problem is the process. We will work with you to identify where the breakdown is and how to go about eliminating the factors that contribute to that breakdown so you can meet your goals.

Compliance and Regulations
Safety is a priority for every company.  Do you know what programs you should have in place?  Are the programs up-to-date?  Are employees trained on the contents of these programs?  Do you know what exposure limits are acceptable for employees working on your plant floor?  As important as safety is, it can also be overwhelming.  The WVMEP can work with you in any capacity you require to make sure your employees have a healthy and safe working environment.