Innovative Growth

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The innovative growth program breathes new life into companies who have found comfort in “business as usual.”

Companies are beginning to realize that innovation is synonymous with growing revenue and profit. Nine separate studies by the Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology Manufacturing Extension Partnership, and Georgia Tech found that companies with a primary focus on innovation realize 50%-100% greater growth and profit over a three-year period.

So how do you increase the speed of your development cycle without increasing the cost associated with development? One way is to focus your efforts on the risght ideas: the ideas that will grow market share, while increasing profit, and strengthening your bottom line.

Our innovative growth process begins with generating new ideas necessary for growth. We then dig deeper to give ideas life. We teach you how to not only identify risks and roadblocks that can stop an idea dead in its tracks, but also show you how to validate the potential monetary impacts generated by new ideas. This allows you to focus resources on the best of the best.

Once you’ve identified the best ideas for your company, we’ll continue to help you develop those ideas into products and get them to market.

Idea Creation

Idea Definition

Idea Discovery

Product Design and Development

Idea to Market

Process Design