Six Sigma Implementation

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Are you looking for process improvements beyond what you have been able to achieve with lean and continuous improvement initiatives? Have you been successful in reducing waste and streamlining your operation but are still experiencing too much variation in your processes and products? The data driven approach of Six Sigma may be able to take your operation to the next level.

The WVU Industrial Extension team can guide you through the selection and implementation of individual projects or provide in-house training. A typical Six Sigma class will include classroom lectures, with group exercises, as well as engage participants in small group projects to gain “hands-on” experience by examining improvement opportunities at their workplace.

With extensive experience in improving manufacturing operations, the WVU Industrial Extension team can help identify opportunities to improve quality performance and productivity using many of the latest tools. With an approach customized to your operation, we can assist in implementing successive phases of continuous improvement projects for process optimization.

The WVU Industrial Extension Service, as a program of the Mining and Industrial Extension Department within the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, brings a cost effective alternative backed by professional resources and the commitment of WVU, the State’s flagship land grant university.

Core Concepts of Six Sigma

Critical to Quality

Eliminate Defects

Process Capability

Reduce Variation

Stabilize Operations

Design for Six Sigma