Product Design Assistance

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Industrial extension’s product design assistance program will help you develop a successful product that is ready for the market and the manufacturing floor.

How do you identify tradeoffs between features, functions, and cost? Will the design require expensive tooling that might break the bank? What could stand in the way of success? What about your competition? How is your product different and does that difference make it better? Are you meeting a market need?

Successful product design can be a very tricky task. There are a number of factors that will affect the success of your product including design, sales, marketing, competition, and need. A successful product takes these areas into account during the design phase, breaking down silos to create cross functional success.

Our team has years of experience in both designing and manufacturing a wide variety of products. We have the tools at our disposal to help you determine if your product will survive in the market place. We can not only help you design your product, but can also help you in designing the process for manufacturing success as well.

Our team will work with you on a confidential basis to ensure you understand all the nuances of product design and how they will affect your product idea.

Product Design Review

Design for Manufacture

Three Dimensional Solid Modeling

Computer Aided Drafting and Design

Data and Market Insight

Cost & Potential Sales

Obstacles to Success