Natural Capital Investment Fund

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The Natural Capital Investment Fund, Inc., (NCIF) is focused on economically distressed areas, catalyzing environmentally sustainable development by providing affordable, flexible capital, and advisory services to small and emerging businesses.

NCIF’s business clients are predominantly located in economically distressed rural communities and are unable to access capital from traditional sources. While NCIF specializes in financing triple-bottom-line companies, we recognize that economically and environmentally healthy communities require a diverse range of businesses and services, so businesses that “do no harm” are also eligible for NCIF funding.

NCIF is a specialized, niche lender for small businesses in underserved markets in North Carolina; West Virginia; South Carolina; Georgia; and the Appalachian regions of Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, and Kentucky. The primary goal of our loan programs is to create or retain full-time private sector jobs.

In addition, NCIF can provide a range of credit enhancement products through its participation in the West Virginia Capital Access Program. We also are a participant in the loan participation program offered by the NC Rural Center, which helps mitigate NCIF’s risk in qualified projects.

Environmental Services

Local Food System Infrastructure

Heritage & Recreation-Based


Value-Added Agriculture

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency


Water Conservation and Treatment

Secondary Forest Products

Natural Medicines

Green Building Technologies

Sustainable Natural Resources Technologies