Process Evaluation

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A WVU Industrial Extension Process Evaluation will help to increase efficiency and reduce costs by assessing cycle times, processes, time management, equipment downtime, labor utilization, and more. Do you know how much non-value added time is in your process? Does it appear at times that certain production activities or processes take longer than they should? Do key production lines run out of material or parts in the middle of production? Do some employees run out of things to do while others appear to be covered up? Time studies are a great tool to use to help identify and reduce unnecessary steps, equipment issues, and “bottleneck” areas of production. A time study shows exactly the amount of time spent on individual steps in the production process, as well as any non-value added time such as waiting or material handling. Once performed, these times can contribute to process improvement initiatives and also assist in setting attainable performance metrics or a standardized process moving forward. Our team can evaluate the entire production cycle from start to finish. We will work with you to understand all aspects of your process. Our team will next complete time studies, then evaluate the material handling, floor management process, supply staging, and employee utilization to provide recommendations for improvement. Our highly skilled team can help you become more efficient and productive while at the same time both decreasing costs and increasing profitability.

Cycle Time Analysis

Down Time Analysis

Floor Management

Material Handling

Work Standardization

Employee Utilization

Product Staging