Different businesses have different needs

Are you frustrated, but aren’t sure where to start? Maybe you are just curious about what we can do for you. Do you think you need help, but aren’t sure exactly how industrial extension can help you? Are you concerned that we won’t “get” your problem?

We understand that every company is different. Each company has its own culture, set of challenges, and day-to-day struggles. We also understand that these challenges, struggles, and cultures will take on different identities depending on the size of the company. We pride ourselves in our ability to get to know you and understand what you need to be successful regardless of size. That’s what allows us to design customized solutions specifically for your needs.ffectively.

Small Business

Most small businesses are characterized as thin, lean, and flat. This means people are likely wearing as many hats as possible to keep overhead down and are constantly struggling to meet customer demands and keep the business afloat. Often time long hours are spent in the plant and working with customers to provide ultimate customer satisfaction. However, many of these businesses find themselves lacking in areas like health and safety compliance. Other companies in this category find themselves struggling to grow because they have no idea where to start or worse, no interest in growing and expanding on their unique skill sets.

This is where we can help. We will help you to better understand the playing field and what you need. We can educate you and train your entire team to ensure you are compliant with all regulations. We can also work with you to identify opportunities to expand your business whether it be through other markets, exporting, or new products. We can even help you to streamline your existing processes to free up resources and provide time to think about the business future. Whatever your needs may be, we can help get you on the right path to ensure the continued success of your business.

Medium Business

Most medium-sized businesses are characterized as resource challenged or plateaued. Most typically understand the playing field and know there place in their market and the importance of employee engagement, strategic planning, and training. However, many medium-sized businesses find themselves struggling with execution because they don’t have the people or resources to execute plans as needed. As a result, these tasks often go uncompleted, or are rushed to move on to the next need.
We can help free up resources in your company. We have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to help you complete tasks and projects that you otherwise lack the time and resources to complete. Once we understand what your goal is, we will work with you as an extra set of hands in your company. By allowing us to assist with many of your needs, your time is now free to focus on bigger issues, and more important, documentation and future planning for your business. Often times, in medium-size businesses, our staff is thought of as employees of that company because we integrate ourselves into your culture and day-to-day activities to ensure we are meeting your expectations and providing you with value-added services.ore quickly and effectively.

Large Business

Most large businesses are described as mature and driven. They have plans and processes already in place to direct, monitor, and improve existing processes. Improvement opportunities and changes to processes are likely researched and data driven. Functional units exist to focus solely on training, process improvement, quality, safety, and human resources. In fact, most large businesses are likely tied together through a corporate entity, and are one of many manufacturing locations within this corporation. When a need arises, a large business will have the resources available to dedicate a team of people to that need and see it through to a resolve.
Large businesses are likely to think a program like industrial extension has no place in their organization, which is not true. Many large businesses bring in resources from other locations to execute training and development, incurring travel cost, and non-value added time. Industrial extension can provide the exact same training, and we are right in your backyard. Additionally, there are a number of routine training activities that are required on a regular basis. By utilizing industrial extension to execute these routine trainings, the people responsible for those programs can focus on long-term goals and other issues that require their attention. Industrial extension can also help with facilitation. Oftentimes when cross functional groups are brought together, time is spent discussing topics that are not the focus of the gathering. By using industrial extension to facilitate meetings and discussions, we can help keep your team on task, provide impartial third party suggestions, and help you realize your goal more quickly and effectively.

What is your biggest headache?

Not Enough Sales?

Are you struggling to meet your bottom line? Would you like to increase your bottom line and your market share? We can help review your market plan to ensure you are approaching the right market segments. We can help you determine if there is a foreign market available for your products and services. We can even help you to identify, develop, and design new products, leveraging your existing skill set.

Innovation and Product Design

Export Assistance and Training

Market Plan Development & Review

Wasted Time/Missed Goals?

Time is of the essence. If you are having a hard time meeting customer goals, or feel that production costs are too high, we can help. We understand that every moment is important and that wasted time can not only create significant problems, but can impact your bottom line. We will review your process to look for opportunities to eliminate waste and mistakes so that you can focus on productivity.

Lean/Continuous Improvement

Process Optimization

ISO/Quality Management Systems

Management & Supervisory Training

High Energy Bills?

Without energy, your production would be shut down. But are you paying too much for your energy? Can you change your process to reduce consumption? Can equipment changes decrease energy use? We can review your energy consumption to help identify potential improvement opportunities to take money out of your utilities and turn it into profit for you.Time is of the essence. If you are having a hard time meeting customer goals, or feel that production costs are too high, we can help. We understand that every moment is important and that wasted time can not only create significant problems, but can impact your bottom line. We will review your process to look for opportunities to eliminate waste and mistakes so that you can focus on productivity.

E3 Assessment

Process Optimization

Lean/Continuous Improvement



Need Focus/Organization?

Small and medium-sized manufacturers often find themselves chasing their tail or feeling more like a firefighter than a manufacturer. Small staffs require people to wear multiple hats, hats that are often a full time job. How do you juggle responsibility without letting production suffer? We can work with you to identify the source of your problems and eliminate the problems so you can focus on production and your customer.

ISO/Quality Management Systems

Management & Supervisory Training

Lean/Continuous Improvement

Innovation & Product Development


Under Prepared/Performing?

Are you constantly missing goals? Have you ruled out machinery as a reason for this? Do you constantly have material waiting, but find yourself behind on orders? Too often machines are blamed for problems when the real problem is the process. We will work with you to identify where the breakdown is and how to go about eliminating the factors that contribute to that breakdown so you can meet your goals.

Lean/Continuous Improvement

Management & Supervisory Training

ISO/Quality Management Systems

Waste Stream Analysis

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